Our Story

Honeysuckle Cove’s fundamental belief is that natural ingredients are far better for you than synthetic ingredient based products. 

Yasmin’s family began using all-natural handcrafted soaps after her daughter’s eczema condition was not improving despite taking various prescribed medicines and other synthetic products. 

After switching to natural bathing and beauty products the eczema appeared to be receding after only a few weeks. Adding more natural products to their bathing rituals and diet, the unpleasant skin problems were nearly gone within a few months.   

As a mother, I realised that there are other people that are facing similar problems, she decided to share her experience and to promote healthier skincare alternatives.  

The Honeysuckle Cove team have substantially increased the types of handmade natural products available on this website particularly our goats milk range.  The team continues to work diligently and develop superior natural products that deliver significant benefits to the end-user. 

Please note due to the curing process of handcrafted soap, sizes can vary. Therefore all of our handcrafted soaps are a minimum of 90g but are normally slightly heavier. All products are made fresh to order. 

Whether you are looking to buy a small amount or even wholesale volumes you can be assured that Honeysuckle Cove is dedicated to soothing your skin.